diningroomWhile you may think that your dining room is one of the most simple rooms in your home to light, it can be complicated and difficult if you don’t have the lighting experts at Butler Lighting on your side. Dining rooms are tricky because they are often used for so many different purposes. Obviously, you and your family will eat most of your meals in the dining room but these rooms often become makeshift workspaces that require different lighting. For dining rooms, we usually recommend a combination of task, accent, and ambient lights to give the room the flexibility it needs to be comfortable and useful in all situations.

A chandelier is almost always a great place to start with ambient lighting in a dining room. Modern chandeliers can be adjusted to provide bright, but comfortable, light for lively family dinners as well as moodier, dimmer lighting for special occasions. Chandeliers come in so many styles that you’re sure to find the one that perfectly matches your current decor or serves as an exceptional starting point if you’re remodeling or redecorating.

Task lighting is perfect for when you need to spread work out on the dining room table and accent lighting is great to show off any photos or artwork that you have hanging up on the wall.

Check out our online lighting store or come to one of our showrooms to see how many choices you have to make your dining room into a world-class space that you’ll enjoy being in for years to come!